Military Appeals
A court-martial conviction is not the end of the road.
Discharges and the VA
How a Negative Military Discharge Will Affect Veteran’s (VA) Benefits.
Military Discharges
Types of Military Discharges: The Quick and Dirty
Under Investigation in the Military
I have been falsely accused of sexual assault in the military. Should I make a statement?
Administrative Separations
Best course of action when being involuntarily separated or eliminated from the military.
Discharge Upgrades
Discharge Upgrades Is a negative discharge holding you back? Read below to get more information on your discharge upgrade options and whether you need a discharge upgrade attorney. In simple terms, an involuntary discharge is the military equivalent of being fired from your civilian job. Unfortunately, and we argue, unfairly, this military termination can carry […]
GOMOR Process
GOMOR Process If you have received a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR), you need to understand the GOMOR process because this could be the end of your career; a permanently filed GOMOR is just that. A permanently filed GOMOR often results in unit initiation of separation or elimination or from HRC. Even if that […]
Military Records Problems
Military Records Problems If you are being separated or eliminated from the military, one of the most important things to remember is to get a copy of all your documents and keep them somewhere safe. This especially applies to any and all of your separation paperwork. This paperwork will only be kept on the unit’s […]
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