Hawaii Administrative Separations Lawyer

Administrative separations in the military are big business and in Oahu in particular with the number of military bases on this small island. An officer elimination or enlisted administrative separation is a stressful event in a service member’s career. Unlike any other job where your employer fires you, a service member being separated faces a negative characterization of service which will follow that individual into the civilian sector.  An Other Than Honorable (OTH) characterization of services strips you of all your hard-earned benefits and makes employment in the civilian sector challenging.  A General, Under Honorable Conditions characterizations of services strips you of some of your benefits and creates significant problems for you in the civilian sector.  Even an Honorable discharge as the result of an involuntary separation may carry with it a negative reenlistment (RE) code which has its own stigma especially when prospective employers require your DD214.

Because of these dire consequences, there are significant rights and protections built into the system.  However, these rights differ depending on your rank, years in service, and type of discharge you are facing.  It is critical to find an attorney experienced with these issues to help you capitalize on the rights available to you.  A Hawaii administrative separations lawyer who only has experience with criminal law and trials will not be able to effectively navigate this complex administrative world. You should retain a Hawaii administrative separations lawyer with years of administrative law, trial counsel, and defense counsel experience. The experience our administrative separations lawyer Hawaii brings to the table at Ganz and Bridges Law Office is critical in helping you make the most informed choice and if necessary, effectively representing you at a board proceeding. The military lawyers at Ganz and Bridges Law Office are experienced in administrative separations and are the right choice when picking a Hawaii administrative separations lawyer if you are located in or near Hawaii or anywhere around the globe. Mr. Charles Kuhfahl is conveniently located in Georgia ready to assist as your administrative separations lawyer on the east coast.

For a Hawaii administrative separations lawyer or one on whatever military installation you are stationed at, contact Ganz and Bridges Law Office, LLLC now using the form below or calling us at 808-358-7318 to learn about your rights and the best course of action for your specific situation.  The case consultation is free and confidential.

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