Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH), Hawaii

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH) is a military installation located in Honolulu Hawaii. Over ten years ago Pearl Harbor Naval Station and Hickam’s Air Force combined to make the joint base of JBPHH. The Naval Brig is located on Ford Island, which is part of JBPHH. This is where all service members who are confined in pretrial confinement pending their court-martials are housed. The Naval Brig is also where service members who have been convicted and sentenced to confinement go in transit to await transfer to the confinement facility where they will serve the remainder of their sentence. For more on pretrial confinement at the Naval Brig visit (pretrial confinement blog).

The Defense Service Office (DSO) is located on JBPHH on the second floor of building 1746, 850 Willamette Street. More information on the Pearl Harbor DSO can be found at Pearl Harbor DSO Website. If you are in the Navy and pending court-martial or any other adverse action, this is where you will go to speak to a free military attorney. This is also where the Government attorneys a well as the Hawaii Navy courthouse are located.

The military lawyers at Law Office of Natanyah Ganz have experience representing Navy personnel facing military investigation, NCIS investigations, administrative separation, and court-martial on JBPHH. Moreover, our military attorney, prior military judge Mr. Charles Khufahl has litigated and presided over hundreds of military court-martials and has seen every form of military misconduct imaginable. Call us today to speak to one of our Hawaii court-martial lawyers for a free and confidential case evaluation. (808)358-7318 

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Pearl Harbor Aerial view