Military Lawyer Hawaii

The Military has a unique system of laws, regulations, rights, and constitutional protections. All aspects of this system work together and require an attorney with a unique and broad skill set to effectively represent you within this system. If your defense attorneys lack experience in administrative law, military defense, military prosecutions, military appeals, or as a military judge, then your defense strategy will be open to attack.  Ms. Natanyah Ganz, was an active duty JAG for eight years and still serves as a JAG Major in her reserve capacity. Mr. Mark Bridges retired as a Colonel with over twenty years of active duty JAG experience, as a military judge, Chief Trial Judge of the Army, and other military justice roles. Natanyah Ganz and Mark Bridges have partnered to make a formidable team that no military prosecutor is equipped to handle. Click to view our team to see how we have every angle covered to fight for your career and freedom. We have a track record of obtaining winning results against difficult and seemingly insurmountable odds. If you are thinking about retaining a civilian Military Lawyer Hawaii or anywhere else around the globe, look no further. However, it is important to do your research when it comes to civilian military lawyers. The criminal justice system in the military is unique and complex. At a minimum, the civilian military lawyer you hire must have been a JAG, period. As the correct questions during your initial interview. Ask your free military lawyer what types of questions you should be asking the civilian military lawyers you are interviewing as well as what to look for.

At Ganz and Bridges Law Office, LLC our team has experience in every area of military justice to the point that there is virtually no issue we have not handled in some capacity and won. Contact us now to speak with a Military Lawyer Hawaii or a military lawyer on the mainland. Our team travels around the world and is ready and willing to pack a briefcase and get on a plane to fight for your freedom. For a free and confidential consultation with one of our military lawyers call us at 808-358-7318 or using the contact form on our website.

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