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Under Investigation in the Military

When under investigation in the military for a crime remember this:

DO NOT MAKE A STATEMENT TO AUTHORITIES. The number of cases I have seen in which the government would not have had enough evidence prove their case without a statement is shocking. This is true whether you confess or repeatedly deny all allegations. Even if your denial is flawless, you could still be proving elements for the prosecution’s case without realizing it, putting yourself at the scene of the alleged crime, confessing to something you did not know was a crime, risking your words will be taken out of context, and if your case does go to trial – locking you into a defense that otherwise would not be the best one available.

When under investigation in the military you might be thinking – but doesn’t it make me look guilty if I don’t talk? The answer is, sure, maybe to some people, but THAT DOES NOT MATTER. I cannot stress this point enough! It does not matter whether your silence makes you look guilty at the investigation phase for a number of reasons: (1) your refusal to talk or your request for an attorney CANNOT be discussed in court; (2) if investigators are at the point that they bring you in for an interrogation and read you your writes, they already think you are guilty, whether you make a statement denying everything or invoke every rights under the sun; and (3) even if you deny one hundred times over, military investigators will think you sound guilty.

When under investigation in the military maybe you are thinking, this would never happen to you. You have had an exceptional military career, with an impeccable reputation and think this rule of thumb does not apply to you. As a general matter, you know it’s always better to remain silent, but your case is special. You have been falsely accused and you need to take this opportunity to proclaim your innocence. Let me be clear, at this stage of the proceedings, YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. Now that you are being accused of a sexual crime in the military, everything else you have done for the military is irrelevant.

When under investigation in the military demand an attorney, keep quiet, do your job well, try not to stress, and do not talk to anybody except your attorney about your case.

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