GOMOR Rebuttal

GOMOR Process

If you have received a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR), you need to understand the GOMOR process because this could be the end of your career; a permanently filed GOMOR is just that. A permanently filed GOMOR often results in unit initiation of separation or elimination or from HRC. Even if that does not happen the chances of promotion are slim and you might face QMP.  After the GOMOR is initiated, you will be given seven calendar days to submit what are called rebuttal matters to try to persuade your chain of command and the General Officer that the reprimand should either be withdrawn or filed locally. It is imperative that you use this chance to make your case wisely. The first thing your GOMOR attorney should discuss with you about the GOMOR process is requesting an extension to give you and your GOMOR attorney more time to compile your rebuttal matters. Your GOMOR lawyer should approach the GOMOR process in your rebuttal like it is your “defense case” in a court-martial except that it has to be presented on paper, rather than in a courtroom. You must take this opportunity to persuade the General Officer, and everyone in your chain of command, either why you did not do what you are accused of and/or why you should be shown mercy. Your defense case should consist of multiple exhibits that explain, provide context, and argue why your GOMOR should be withdrawn or filed locally. If you feel like your GOMOR attorney does not understand the GOMOR process or is not dedicated to your case or is not providing you with the assistance you deserve for what is a monumental event in your life and career, it might be time to consider hiring a GOMOR lawyer with the experience and proven results to fight for you.

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