Military Sexual Assault Lawyer

In recent years there has been an aggressive push to prosecute military sexual assault. While prosecution of military sexual assault has risen, so too have false accusations.  To be clear – false accusations can and do occur.  But in today’s culture, the “victim” is encouraged to be believed without question.  Sadly, your innocence in a he-said-she-said case might not be enough to guarantee your freedom.  If you’re the victim of a false accusation you need a military sexual assault lawyer who has experience in military defense, prosecution, government appeals, defense appeals, and best of all, time serving as a military judge to know and understand the wide-range of incentives to make false sexual assault accusations and the skill to effectively present those reasons to what is often a sophisticated male dominated military panel (jury).

With some exceptions, sex crimes generally fall under Articles 120, 120b, and 120c, of the UCMJ, but if you are charged with an attempt of any of these under Article 80, UCMJ, the punishment is generally the same as the underlying offense.  In most of these scenarios, a conviction will require you to register as a sex offender and often a Dishonorable Discharge or Dismissal is a mandatory minimum punishment.  Because of these dire consequences, it is rare that you will want to plead guilty if you are charged with a military sexual assault offense, instead, you want a military sexual assault lawyer with the experience and results to aggressively fight for your rights and freedom. Your military sexual assault lawyer must also have the willingness and skill set to conduct rigorous investigation to expose credibility issues with the alleged victim, motives to lie, and shoddy CID/NCIS/CGIS investigation.

Military Sexual Assault Lawyer Hawaii – If you are in the service located at Schofield Barracks, HI; Wheeler Army Airfield, HI; JBPHH, HI; MCBH, HI; Camp Smith, HI or any other military installation in Hawaii, one of our military sexual assault lawyers is who you want fighting for your freedom. Our law firm offers aggressive and unique female representation to fight the false allegation you are facing.

If you have been accused of a military sexual assault crime in Hawaii or around the globe you need a military sexual assault lawyer with experience in panel trials and with the results to back up that experience. Contact Ganz and Bridges, LLLC now at 808-358-7318 for a free and confidential consultation with one of our military sexual assault lawyers today. Our military sexual assault lawyers are available around the globe to fight for your innocence.

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