Fort Stewart Georgia

Fort Stewart Georgia, also includes Hunter Army Airfield. Located in Hinesville, Georgia, Fort Stewart acts as a state-of-the-art training facility for the Army. It is the largest base East of the Mississippi river. Fort Steward is home to over 20,000 active duty soldiers. As with all bases of this size many potential scenarios for criminal and non-criminal misconduct exist. Criminal misconduct will often result in Fort Stewart, Georgia court-martial proceedings and non-criminal misconduct will result in Fort Stewart adverse administrative action proceedings. If you are looking for a Fort Stewart military lawyer near you or a Fort Stewart Georgia court-martial lawyer look no further.

As the former Chief of Military Justice, Mr. Kuhfahl was assigned to Fort Stewart from 2007-2009.  During his tenure, no single jurisdiction in the U.S. Army tried and processed more cases than Fort Stewart. During this time, Mr. Kuhfahl as an active duty Judge Advocate became a virtual expert in every phase of the court-martial process from pre-trial confinement issues, to preferral and referral, through litigation and the post-trial process. Mr. Kuhfahl personally litigated cases involving a litany of offenses, to include rape, child pornography and capital murder.  As a military judge from 2013-2016, Mr. Kuhfahl travelled to Fort Stewart to preside over all manner of courts-martial, to include guilty pleas and fully contested cases, when the assigned judge was unavailable.  Through his years of experience, Mr. Kuhfahl has become intricately familiar with the “culture” of 3ID and Fort Stewart and the surrounding Hinesville community.

A fan of southern living and the greater Savannah area, Mr. Kuhfahl still owns a home in Richmond Hill, Georgia. He is now a Fort Stewart civilian military lawyer practicing with the Law Office of Natanyah Ganz but focused as an experienced and dedicated Georgia court-martial lawyer.

If you have been accused of any type of misconduct whether it be sex-assault, battery, drug related or administrative contact one of our experienced Georgia military attorneys now at (808)358-7318.

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