Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii

Wheeler Army Airfield Sign

Wheeler Army Airfield Hawaii is home to Hawaii’s Army Trial Court as well as the U.S. Army Trial Defense Service (TDS), Hawaii. https://www.facebook.com/tdshawaii Wheeler Army Airfield is the Army post where Army Soldiers from all over Hawaii and the Pacific region are sent to face court-martial. The courthouse, where our court martial lawyer Mark Bridges presided as Chief Trial Judge, is conveniently located down the street from Hawaii’s Trial Defense Services (TDS), the office from which your free military attorney will be chosen. It is an unfortunate well-known truth in the Army JAG Corps that TDS is underfunded and overworked compared to the Government lawyers who are trying to put innocent Soldiers like you behind bars. The resources and funding the Government invests in prosecuting court-martials overwhelms what is channeled to TDS. Despite this unfair advantage the Army prosecutors give themselves, your TDS attorney is distinct and separate from the Government and is dedicated to fighting for your rights and freedom. In fact, one of our civilian military attorneys was a TDS lawyer at Wheeler Army Airfield from 2015-2017. There she represented hundreds of Soldiers facing court-martial, administrative separation, CID investigations, GOMORs, and non-judicial punishment (NJP/Article 15). This unique background helps equip the military lawyers at Law Office of Natanyah Ganz to win your case and get you a not-guilty verdict, but also prepares us for the unique challenges you will encounter at your Wheeler Army Airfield court-martial.

If you are stationed anywhere in Hawaii and are facing a court-martial at Wheeler Army Airfield, are being investigated, or are accused of a military offense, this is no military lawyer better equipped to win your case than one from the team at Ganz and Bridges Law Office. Call us now to speak to one of our experienced Hawaii military lawyers at (808)358-7318.

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