Naval Brig, Ford Island, Hawaii

Military Pretrial Confinement: The Naval Brig on Ford Island, Hawaii houses service members from all military branches who are either facing court-martial and are in pretrial confinement or have already faced court-martial and have received a guilty verdict pending their appeal. Service members who have already been convicted will be housed there temporarily until orders come through for their next confinement facility. Service members who have been placed there before their trial will be there until their trial unless their military lawyer is successful in getting them released pending trial. There are multiple ways for this to occur and the pretrial confinement hearing, which must occur within seven days of the service member being placed in confinement is just one approach. Visit our pretrial confinement page to learn more about your options after you have been put into pretrial confinement. Generally, you have the right to a hearing within seven days of military pretrial confinement. If you are not released, in certain circumstances your case may be ripe for a writ to your service branch court of appeals. In all cases, once your case has been referred, your military pretrial confinement lawyer can file a motion for reconsideration with the military judge. At this stage, however, the standard is abuse of discretion so it is easier and better if at all possible to hire a military lawyer prior to the seven-day hearing. This means you have to act fast. Often the command will put the service member in pretrial confinement and then do the hearing within 48 hours. The detailed military lawyer may not even have a chance to review the case file until a few minutes before the hearing. You should tell your detailed military lawyer immediately that you are looking for a civilian military lawyer to fight your case at the seven day review.

If you or someone you love has been put into military pretrial confinement or received a guilty verdict, contact us today to speak with one of our experienced military pretrial confinement and military appeals lawyers to discuss your options. (808)358-7318.

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