The benefits of a Female Attorney

There’s a lot of advice floating around about who your court-martial lawyer should be.

At a minimum, you have to be certain your court-martial attorney: has much and varied military law experience; is actively practicing military law and not just doing a case here or there; dedicated to your case; extremely knowledgeable about military law; and has the proven results to back up their knowledge. Those are just basic requirements, but I urge you to start thinking about your court-martial defense strategy more deeply. Here is a question maybe you haven’t thought about – should I hire a female court-martial attorney?

YES, particularly if you are facing sexual assault type charges. Let me ask you this, who would you want explaining to a sophisticated panel why a woman would lie about something as serious as rape or sexual assault? Imagine these real-life scenarios: Would you want a man explaining to a panel how it would be nearly impossible for a man to remove a certain type of female specific clothing without assistance? What about explaining why a woman would willingly have sex with someone she barely knew when it was her time of the month? What about why a woman would lie about having consensual sex in a grocery store parking lot with a man she barely knew because she is worried about her reputation? Or why a female could find certain sexual positions uncomfortable, say “no” to the position but have consented to the sex only by her conduct.

Some defenses are simply awkward, difficult to believe, and even offensive coming out of a man’s mouth. Some of these defenses a male court-martial attorney will not even be able to identify! During this “me too” age, it might take a female court-martial lawyer to identify, understand, and be able to explain why not all allegations of sexual assault, particularly the one against you, should be trusted. It might not, but is it worth the risk? At Law Office of Natanyah Ganz, our female court-martial attorney has the experience, the winning results, and the ability to persuasively explain your winning defense to the panel. Click here to learn more about Natanyah Ganz.

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