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Open-Door Policy Tips

Step 1: Discuss with your military lawyer whether you are a good candidate for requesting an open-door meeting with the General. If you do not have a good military lawyer who you trust, consider hiring one. See (website link) on how to pick a good civilian military lawyer.

Step 2: Request Open Door Policy Form from Generals Aide (Typically a Captain). Your chain of command should know who this is or should assist in providing contact info. 

Step 3: Complete the Open-Door-Policy-Form and return via the medium of communication instructed (typically email). 

Step 4: Follow up as necessary but don’t be too much of a pest. Frequency of follow-ups will depend on timeline of any underlying action and the status with legal. This scheduling step usually takes the longest, so plan ahead. 

Step 5: Determine your desired goals. Prepare a script keeping it to 2 to 5 mins despite being allotted a 15-30 minute block. Review this with your lawyer or a mentor. Practice, practice, practice.

Step 6: Before the meeting take steps to ensure you are clear eyed and calm during the meeting. You should avoid excessive emotion i.e. crying etc. Do what works best for you to achieve this, such as exercise, a cold shower, a good night’s sleep, or taking your prescribed anti-anxiety medication prior. 

Step 7: Execute what you practiced. During the meeting, it’s ok to read off of notecards or a notebook. This will help you keep on track with your desired end goal. It will also make you appear organized and motivated in front of the General.

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