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Fighting Sex Assault GOMOR

For GOMORS based on certain sex offenses, the option for local GOMOR filing has been removed. AR 600-37. This applies to both officers and enlisted Soldiers. For any of the below offenses (this is not an exhaustive list) the GOMOR must either be withdrawn and destroyed or placed in the Soldier’s AMHRR.

  • 120: Rape and sexual assault – this includes aggravated sexual assault and abusive sexual contact
  • 120a: Stalking
  • 120b: Rape and sexual assault of a child – this includes rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse
  • 120c: Other sexual misconduct – this includes indecent viewing, recording, or broadcasting
  • 125: Forcible sodomy and bestiality
  • 80: Attempts – to commit any of the offenses listed above

This is a drastic difference and has serious implications not only for the world of GOMORs, but also for clients who are being criminally and administratively investigated. It is best to not even find yourself in the situation where you have received a GOMOR because there is no evidentiary standard applied to the GOMOR process, not probable case, not preponderance of the evidence, and certainly not beyond a reasonable doubt.
If you are facing a military investigation either criminal or administrative or have or think you may be receiving a GOMOR, it is imperative you speak to one of our experienced GOMOR attorneys in Hawaii or Georgia (covering much of the East Coast) by using the contact form below or calling us at (808)358-7318.

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