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The Fast Track NJP

It has come to our attention recently, that the Marine Corps likes to pressure marines into doing a fast track NJP. Do not confuse this with turning down the NJP and demanding court-martial. This is different. The command will try to sell this fast track NJP as this great option when all you’re doing in reality is waiving all of your results for virtually nothing in return. The Fast Track NJP means you will be agreeing to plead guilty at the NJP and waive your right to an administrative separation board. In return, the command will agree to not prefer charges. What this means is you’re all but guaranteed an Other Than Honorable (OTH) characterization of service. In most low-level administrative matters, this outcome is not a win. Do not sign off on this proposal unless you have spoken to an experienced military lawyer and one who is actually able to evaluate your case properly. Before you retain us we may not have enough facts to evaluate your case perfectly, however, whatever military lawyer you’re talking to should at least be able to walk you through different possible fact patterns, scenarios, and outcomes relevant to your military legal case. Be skeptical both of a military lawyer who promises you a certain outcome or one who is so vague and won’t delve into specifics. Either end of the spectrum probably means they do not have enough experience to understand the adverse action that you’re facing even enough to chat about it. Find out what you are risking by not doing the fast track NJP and what you gain from accepting it. Ask your military lawyer what is the worst case outcome if you accept it, best case outcome, and most likely outcome. Your military lawyer should be able to confidently talk about various stages of the administrative separation process as well as the court-martial process. Bottom line, these fast track NJPs should be approached with caution and should not be agreed to without the advice of a qualified military attorney.

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